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We Provide All Types of Hardscaping in Watertown MA and Surrounding Towns

If you search for hardscaping Watertown MA, you will find Ostiguy Landscape, a proven hardscaping and masonry contractor. Since 1996, our team of qualified hardscaping experts have been committed to helping clients enhance their property by providing them with top-rated projects that enhance every aspect of their property.

Choose Dependable Hardscaping in Watertown MA

Ostiguy Landscape offers professional hardscaping solutions to both residential and commercial clients in the Metro-West Boston area. Our experts are experienced working with all types of hardscaping projects from the design and installation of patios to putting in driveway pavers. Regardless of the project type, size, or style, our team will be here to service you at the highest level.

Our designers and masons will work directly with you in order to come up with the best hardscape to fit your property. Together, we will go over the landscape, and the project that you are looking to achieve. From there, we will complete your job in an efficient and professional manner, leaving you with a hardscaping project that will instantly increase the curb appeal and value of your property. For industry leading hardscaping in Watertown MA, look no further than the team at Ostiguy Landscape today.

Top-Rated Hardscaping Services Watertown MA

  • Patio Design and Installation
    • Our patio design and installation team have the tools and expertise necessary to install your new front or back yard patio according to your specifications. Whether you’re looking for a high-end stone patio or basic brick or concrete patio, we have an option that will work for you.
  • Walkways
    • Our walkways are the perfect way to show your home or office visitors that they are welcome on your property. We will go over all of the options for style, design and material with you to develop the best plan for your design.
  • Retaining Walls
    • With the use of hardscape retaining walls we can utilize sloping landscapes and incorporate them into the property. Consider creating terraced areas to add beauty and functionality to these areas.
  • Birch and Paver Driveways
    • If your driveway has cracking or crumbling asphalt or concrete, we can replace it with beautiful and functional driveway pavers. With many products to choose from and many styles, colors, patterns and designs, there is something for everybody.
  • Stairs and Steps
    • Your stairs and steps are one of the most important aspects of the exterior of your property. Enhance the appearance of your property by adding the perfect stairs and steps combination to your yard.

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If you are interested in learning more about industry leading hardscaping in Watertown MA, don't hesitate to get in touch with Ostiguy Landscape today. For more information or to get started with us, call 617-923-4884 or request an estimate online.